In This eBook…

• Why Care about Mobile Commerce?
• The Mobile Commerce Vision
• The Ecosystem and Who Lives in It
• Mobile Wallets
• Mobile Commerce Conundrums

• Merchants Taking Mobile Payments
• Consumers Making Mobile Payments
• Making it Secure
• Making Money with Mobile Commerce
• Implications and Actions

This ebook will make you think about what it means to be in mobile commerce, and more important, how to make it a profitable and worthwhile opportunity for your organization. At least that’s the intent – and our hope.

We decided to take on this project, not because there wasn’t enough being written about the topic, but, ironically, because there was. A search on Google using just the search terms “mobile commerce” returned more than 31 million results. Entire web sites are dedicated to the topic and hardly a day goes by where our email boxes aren’t filled with invitations to conferences on mobile commerce. The growing ranks of entrepreneurs and organizational entrepreneurs tasked with bringing mobile commerce to market also flood the market with their own materials – press releases, white papers, product de demos, case studies and blog posts.

The IP-enabled landscape – that extends to the merchant POS systems – is changing the options for both consumers and merchants to interact and that is what is creating both opportunity and disruption for just about everyone who touches commerce in some way today. Mobile phones today are themselves Point of Sale devices. Using them has created a whole new set of options for a whole new category of small business merchant who have seen their businesses transformed as a result.

This book takes a pretty practical approach to creating a conversation about mobile commerce, starting with creating a definition that we believe appropriately creates the boundaries for what constitutes “commerce” using a mobile device. We talk about where mobile commerce is heading (hint, we’re seeing it play out right in front of our eyes today), the really important things that anyone who plays in the mobile commerce space has to get right, such as security and the business model. We talk about the obstacles to success and offer suggestions for how to overcome them. Most of all, we express a point of view and suggestions for how to frame the decision process for your organization based on several decades, collectively, of hands on experience in helping companies design a mobile commerce strategy that is both practical and pragmatic.

Given the fluidity of this market, we decided to write this book in “real time” using ebook technology that allows us to do a couple of things that we think are unique. First, we’ll release a chapter every month. That means that our fact base is as current as it can possibly be. Second, we’re providing each chapter an ebook format so that you can engage with the content online. The technology we are using allows you to add comments, stories, vignettes and/or points of view that you feel strongly about. After all, this is “lessons from the front line” and we want you to enrich our narrative with your own experiences. (All we ask is that you be respectful, and no sales pitches please!).

There were a lot of people who have helped us make this project possible and we thank them profusely for their assistance. David Evans, MPD Founder and payments industry guru contributed content and inspiration, not to mention the insights that have helped shaped the industry’s view of mobile commerce over the last decade. Jacqueline Murphy, MPD analyst, was essential in fact checking and providing research. The team helped tremendously with its design, packaging and promotion.

So, that’s it. We hope you enjoy what we are creating and more than that, hope you’ll join the conversation about the most important phenomenon to hit the commerce space since the invention of the plastic mag stripe card.